Journey to Freedom

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Finally…A Practical Way To Finance Your Freedom The Right Way So You Can Live Life On Your Own Terms!

Yes, You Can Live A Life Of Freedom And

Make All The Money You Want!

Just imagine how incredibly amazing it will feel to:

  • Find the Right Way to make all the money you want,
  • Put together all the pieces to a rewarding business, job, or side hustle that you love doing,
  • Overcome obstacles like negative thinking, lack of clarity, uncertainty, and anything else that’s been holding you back,
  • Learn the proper techniques for Goal Setting, Visualization, Planning, Proper Use of Affirmations, and more,
  • Have someone with you to support, guide, teach, and inspire you through the entire process, and
  • Launch yourself into a new chapter of your life, one you’ll be living with freedom, on your own terms.

Hi, my name is Melissa Dafnis, also known as ‘The Freedom Coach‘, and the founder of Break Free and Be

I’m so happy you stopped by today!

I know what it’s like to want to be free, to feel trapped in a life you no longer love, and to constantly think to yourself,

There has to be more to life than this!”

Maybe you loved what you where doing at one time, maybe you thought it was going to be ‘the right thing‘ but it wasn’t, and now you’re left with a longing for ‘something more’.

Maybe you’d like to:

  • Make a difference in the world,
  • Help other people, 
  • Make more money than you ever have before, or
  • Just live your own life on your own terms


Melissa Dafnis

The Freedom Coach

Founder of Break Free and Be

Maybe you’re just tired of the same thing day in and day out – working to pay the bills, so you can get up tomorrow and do the same thing over again.

If so, you’re in the right place.

I mentor people in how to finance their freedom so they can live life on their own terms. In other words – I help you find the right business, job or side hustle that you’ll enjoy and succeed at – and that makes you all the money you want to have the freedom you want.

And let me clear something up…I am not a business coach. And I’m not just a freedom coach – I’m ‘The Freedom Coach.



My Dream RV Freedom Lifestyle

Why the distinction?  Because when I reached for my freedom – and sold everything I owned to buy my dream RV to live and travel in – I hired a business coach with the thought that I would learn how to have a thriving business to finance my freedom with. I knew I was smart enough, and I certainly was dedicated, motivated, and driven to live my dream.

Boy, was I WRONG!

Business coaches are great for people with businesses, but not so much for people like I was at the time. I had no idea what I wanted to do, or even what I could or should do.  It took me 3 years and over $60,000 (of debt) to dig myself out of that mistake – and now I’m here to save you from making that same mistake.

I’ve spent years learning about all different kinds of businesses in my search for what would be right for me, and I learned many techniques for fitting together passion, purpose, and the right way.  And now I use all of that experience and knowledge to save you from making the mistake of jumping into the wrong way and wasting years of time, thousands of dollars, and going through Hell.


Freedom to ride my dogs on my motorcycle!

My passion, my purpose, my reason for being here on this earth – is FREEDOM.

“I believe everyone has the right to live the life they want to live, a life of true freedom.”

I’m on a QUEST to help people like you find their Freedom. To make sure that no one else goes through the same horrible nightmare that I did, and I’m dedicated to helping people do it the Right Way – combining together all the necessary factors to be able to finance all the freedom they want, so they’ll be able to actually enjoy it and live a happy, fulfilled life – on their own terms, in their own way.

Freedom is great, but without money it kinda’ sucks.  I’ve lived a freedom lifestyle most of my life, and I’ve been 6 figures in debt and I’ve had 6 figures in the bank – I much prefer having money in the bank (and I’m sure you do too).

This program is not about ‘Just be happy with what you’ve got‘ nonsense.  And it’s also not about doing just anything to make money. I’ve actually had coaches say to me, “Just pick something!”  Which is what I did, and because I wasn’t happy with what I was doing, I struggled, never had success, thought it was all my fault, and felt like a complete failure.

But now I know the truth. A truth that many other coaches won’t tell you…

Money doesn’t buy freedom. 

But with Freedom you CAN get all the money you want.

That’s an important distinction, because without the freedom to make the right choices and take the right actions, you’ll never get anywhere. This program is about helping you to live a freedom lifestyle and get all the finances you need, so you can live a happy life on your own terms.

So if you want your freedom – and if you’re ready to step up and do what it takes – then your time is now. Schedule a free call with me today. Don’t let any more of your life slip away without living it the way you want to.

I do have to give you one important side note though – space in my program is extremely limited.

That’s not a smarmy marketing tactic (God, I hate those!).  It’s because I mentor my clients personally and spend a lot of time helping them get set up to succeed.

I’ve been fooled more than once by thinking I was hiring a great coach to be my mentor (and paying a lot of money!), only to get pushed off on a sub-coach, who was okay, but not what I thought I was paying for. Therefore, I limit my clientele to no more than 5 new clients a month.

I have the experience, I have the expertise, and I’m going to work directly with you. I also have a short application process so I can be sure this is the right fit for you.  I don’t want to waste your time or money and I’m sure you don’t want to waste mine.

The application process is completely free, and so is the initial phone call with me so we can talk about how the Journey To Freedom Program can work for you.

If you’re looking forward to your freedom and learning how you can finance it in the best possible way for you, then let’s talk!

You can have your FREEDOM too!

Don’t fall for the lies…


"One Size fits All"

Many coaches will tell you,”Well, this worked for me, so it’ll work for you too.”  NOT.  One size does not fit all. You’re unique, and it’s that uniqueness that’s your secret weapon.  Don’t let anyone minimize it. Ever.


"Just Pick Something And Run With It"

Uh, no. Please.  It’s a mistake that you’ll regret later.  If you want to live life on your own terms, why wouldn’t you take the time to decide on doing something you really want to?  It just makes sense.


"All Ya' Gotta' Do Is This One Thing"

OMG! I hate that saying! It’s never just one thing (sorry Nike).  It takes a solid structure built upon a solid foundation to last the test ot time. Period.


"Make 6 Figures in 6 Months "

Maybe. If you’ve already been in business for a while and just need some marketing tweaks. We all know that ‘instant success’ is never really instant. I won’t lie and tell you you’ll be able to get rich quick, save that crap for the scam artists. 

There are 3 Critical Elements to Financing Your Freedom the Right Way, that you’ll go through in the Journey to Freedom Program

Seems simple, doesn’t it?  Well, I can assure you, there’s a lot more to it.  Like my mother used to say, “If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it.

Here’s What You Get With The 90-Day Program…


1.  12 One-on-One coaching calls (once a week, 4 per month) with Me, in person, as I take you through your ‘Journey to Freedom’ from start to finish.

2.  1 quick start call before your program begins to ensure you know exactly how to get the most out of this program and are equipped with the tools you need.

3.  2 bonus One-on-One coaching calls to be used any time within a year, in case you need extra support at any time.

4.  A Private Facebook Group for support during and after the program for ongoing support, accountability, and connection with other like-minded freedom seekers;

5.  Additional Video Modules to supplement your live mentoring calls.

6.  Access to the Recordings of each video mentoring session, so if you missed taking any notes you can always go back and watch again.

7.  And access to the following bonuses, that are only available to members of the Journey to Freedom Program:

Bonus #1:  “Goal Setting For A Life Of Freedom” Ebook. 

“A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Achieve Any Goal You Want In Life”  Complete with Ebook, Checklist, Cheat Sheet and Mindmap


Bonus #2:  “Personal Transformation Mastery” Ebook. 

“Discover The Complete 10-Part Step-By-Step Plan To Transform Your Life And Become a Better You”


Bonus #3:  “The Entrepreneur – Controlling Your Own Destiny”  

“24-Page Special Report on the real problems that entrepreneurs face and how to handle them”


Here’s what people who have worked with Melissa have to say…

When I reflect on the individuals who’ve had a significant impact on my life, Melissa most definitely holds a position very high on that list. I accredit her for facilitating and broadening my horizons. Because of her wise and caring guidance, I’ve opened to a whole new level of possibility and ideas, that were once, way beyond my limited thinking and comfort zone.  I will forever be grateful for her insight, experience, and no-BS straight-up approach. If you’re willing to do the work, Melissa will guide you, inspire you and challenge you to Break Free! 

Marie H.

“Melissa has been a constant source of support and inspiration. Her knowledge and wisdom combined with her level-headed guidance have helped me through the roughest of times. Thank you Melissa!

Gail R.

“Working with Melissa is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life! As a newly retired school teacher, I wasn’t sure which direction to go in, but Melissa’s sage advice helped me find the right path and got me started on a new, exciting chapter in my life. I’m so excited for the possibilities!”

Ruth M.

Now, I have just one question for you…

Are you ready for your FREEDOM?

If so, schedule a call below, you won’t regret it.

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